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Whole Child Development

We empower our students to become creative and engaged citizens. We nurture them in learning to express themselves, understand others, and navigate situations so that they can confidently solve problems. We guide our students’ character and leadership skills development through the unique culture of our daily school life.

Character Education

We believe that Character Education is the shared responsibility of parents, teachers, and members of the community. Our Character Education reinforces positive thoughts and behaviours that help our students succeed socially, emotionally, and academically.

The Umbrella Project

The idea behind the Umbrella Project is that students need skills such as mindfulness and grit to piece together their imaginary umbrella that will protect them from the rain of life. We use Dr. Forrestal’s program to assist in teaching emotional well-being and positive stress management. Students develop healthy mindset and lifestyle traits such as resilience, kindness, self-compassion, integrity and authenticity.

Additionally, classroom programs such as “Bucket Fillers” (B class – Grade 5), “Second Step” (K – 6), “Tree of Good Gestures” (Gr. 3 to 8), “Above the Line” (Grades 6-8) support our school-wide Character Education.