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The Waterloo-Wellington Science and Engineering Fair is an annual event that brings together the best of the young scientific minds of the region. 

WWSEF is open to Grade 7-12 students from Waterloo Region, Wellington County, and Upper Grand District School Board.

Grade 8:
Elizabeth Coode’s “Playing with fire” Gold Medal
Anna Chen’s “What material affects the internet speed the most?” Silver Medal
Ella Andriotis and Ava Rai’s “Interpretation of Illumination” Silver Medals
Grade 7:
Keya Dattani and Heidi Knight’s “How Different Liquids Affect How Some Plants Grow?” Silver Medals
Aadrika Bhakt’s “Does Infrared Radiation Outshine Visible Light?” Pewter Meda
Former KWBS students:
Hooman Reza Nezhad’s  (Grade 9) “A Novel High-Energy Propulsion System Through Ammonia Combustion” Silver medal and best written report
Leya Oommen and Ellen Brisley’s (Grade 10):  Aiuto Solutions (Their App developed originally with the Technovation program Silver medal:

Congratulations to all of our young scientists!! 

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