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Technology Approach

Our approach to technology is not about gadgets and gizmos – it is about a progressive approach to education and a school-wide commitment to innovation. Technology provides a wonderful opportunity for teachers and students to share the journey of learning and break down barriers that limit exploration and discovery.

Technology in the Classroom

Students see technology as a tool to learn, communicate and present information. We integrate technology into teaching and learning activities that cater to students’ needs. This gradual, age-appropriate exposure ensures that their technological capabilities develop alongside their other skills and gives them the comfort they need as they move up through the school.

Lower Floor classroom teachers access online resources that complement the curriculum. Students starting in Grade 3 have opportunity to use desktops or our portable Google Chromebook lab with carefully chosen software. To prepare for high school and the seamless integration of technology, Grades 7 and 8 students use Google Chromebooks.

We equip classrooms with a mounted digital projector, interactive whiteboard and audio equipment. Wireless access points throughout the school ensure connection to online encyclopedias, databases, news services, global communications and video-streaming in every room. A focus is placed on teaching students to have a critical eye to determining and citing credible research sources.

At all levels, students are assisted by their teachers in the use of computers and software to ensure a strong foundation of computer literacy. Software includes the Microsoft Office Suite, multimedia presentation software and a wide range of curriculum-related applications to support learning needs.

Digital Citizenship

We actively educate students on the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with technology use. Topics under our digital citizenship include internet safety, cyberbullying, copyright and more. We empower our students with skills to think critically, behave safely and participate responsibly online.