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Phone: 519-886-6510

Teaching Qualifications

Bachelor of Arts (Royal Military College), Bachelor of Education (Wilfrid Laurier University)

Interesting Fact

Mme LeDrew served in the Canadian Armed Forces for 21 years where she acted as a spokesperson

Years at KWBS



History Club, Remembrance Day, Grade 7 & 8 Trip Organizer

French Foundations

She grew up in Montreal speaking French at home and school.

Teaching Philosophy

I eat history for breakfast - I love it so much I read it for fun. All. The. Time. I find all history interesting, and I believe that we are all part of it; that all of us make history in our own way every day. Learning history is essential - it is by knowing what's happened before us that we can understand how and why we got here, and what we can do when things get a little challenging. And history is everywhere - sports, sciences, mathematics, languages, arts, health, ... everything has a past, and so, a history.

Grade 7 and 8 Highlights

Grade 7 History: We examine the causes, events, and results of the war of 1812, and enjoy a visit from General Isaac Brock, a re-enactor.

Grade 7 Geography: We investigate issues related to the impact of using natural resources from a geographic perspective. We research a natural or man-made issue that affects hydrographic systems. We write and present reports on topics such as erosion, bottled water, acid rains, etc., and engage our classmates in ethical debates about usage.

Grade 8 History: We examine the internal and external forces that led to Confederation, expansion, and the impact on Canadians. We research one of the Fathers or Mothers of Confederation and present to the class our findings, in character.

Grade 8 Geography: We identify the main patterns of human settlement and identify the factors that influence population distribution and land use. Then, we plan and design our ideal community.