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Teaching Qualifications

Health, Fitness & Nutrition (Everest College)

Year Started at KWBS


Interesting Fact

Ms. Shaw has taught physical education for students from Kindergarten to Grade 8 at a local private school. In addition, she provided a health programme to Grade 7 & 8 students. She is extremely interested in outdoor and environmental education. Ms. Shaw is a personal trainer and fitness instructor, and has led fitness-based learning programs to youth through the YMCA.

Reflections on Teaching Strengths

I am passionate about the health and well-being of all, but perhaps especially for young people as modern day challenges and distractions impose new demands on them. Leading students requires my ability to be flexible and compassionate, while being able to pivot quickly and be open to explore new ideas. Applying patience, creativity, and passion to my teaching allows students to explore their self-expression, try new skills and demonstrate team spirit through physical effort and play. I focus on students’ existing strengths and add encouragement and positive reinforcement to help my students discover their potential (sometimes hidden) and build their confidence!

Teaching Reflections

In different settings, I have been coaching and teaching adults and children for many years. While I love all that I have learned and taught along the way, the true joy is watching young people grow, develop and learn new skills. Having the opportunity to positively influence the potential in young people is the greatest gift adults can offer them.