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Phone: 519-886-6510

Teaching Qualifications

Spec Honours Bachelor of Arts, York University
Bechelor of Education, York University

Year Started at KWBS


Interesting Fact

Ms. Sanger studied French at Glendon College of York University after living in Quebec for a number of years.

Teaching Philosophy

Children are naturally curious. If we, as educators, can foster this curiosity then we empower leaners to take ownership of their learning. My passion is in creating conditions in which learners feel valued, with programminf that challenges them to think critically and in a space they can thrive. My job is to teach children to understand their unique way of learning.

Library Learning Commons Highlights

The Library Learning Commons provides:

-A dynamic and inclusive environment where student identities, interests and creativity are fostered

-Student-centered and co-constructed instructional approaches

-Multiple and varied models of learning such as inquiry, design thinking, and blended learning to explore connections and demonstrate learning between curriculum and life

-Physical and virtual collection of current bilingual books

-Reliable and equitable access to culturally responsive resources