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Ms. Keesha Dickson is the secretary at KWBS - a perfect fit for someone who is so warm and welcoming, not to mention, incredibly organized! Ms. Dickson enjoys informing prospective parents about the school and arranging a tour. She is also a proud parent of both a current student and of a former graduate of our school. Beyond the academic merits of the school, she appreciates our “Open Door Policy” for parents, which is integral to the close-knit family culture. Then, there's the students, who Ms. Dickson credits for the school's friendly spirit and supportive community.

In her own words: "I feel very privileged to work in a place where the kids are so nice. Of course there are beautiful, wonderful children in every school, but here we have a whole school full of polite children. Yes, everyone makes mistakes, and if these kids make a mistake, they're willing to listen and move forward in a positive way."

Ms. Dickson's unique skill set comes from her diverse background and interests, including an Honours Music degree specializing in Education from Wilfrid Laurier University. Along with a passion for music and being a mom, Ms. Dickson is a voracious reader of fiction.
Ms. Dickson says the greatest rewards of her job are the relationships she's made with staff, families, and (of course) students. "At some point, the kids here all need a substitute mom, someone who can give them a fork, bandage up a knee, or get them some ice. This is a wonderful place for me, because I basically get to be a mom to hundreds of kids, if they need it."