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Teaching Qualifications

Bachelor of French & English Literature & combined Teaching Degree (Romania); Masters in International Education (School Leadership, Canada); Principal Qualifications (Canada)

Year started at KWBS


French Background

Growing up in Romania, Mme Balea learned French in her early elementary grades. Her undergraduate degree was in both English and French.

Leadership Philosophy

There are several factors that lead to student success in an elementary school setting, such as:

  • Each child’s inner curiosity and natural drive for learning
  • Family attitude and values regarding education
  • High-quality programming and teaching
  • School culture

The key to success lies in our ability to focus on each student as an individual. The concept of  ‘education as educational care’  is my core belief as an educator and school leader. When children feel safe, cared for, supported in their endeavours, praised when they succeed, encouraged when they are challenged, and are constantly guided to set and attain new goals, then students develop resiliency, feel empowered and gain lifelong learning skills.

As a school administrator, I see our entire school as a classroom. Each student and staff member is unique with different individual needs and abilities. Our strength as a school comes from this uniqueness. The quality of our program is driven through our talented and dedicated teachers who are the backbone of our school. They engage our students in finding strategies to succeed and build self-confidence, and as a result, our students persevere and achieve goals every day. Our school culture is what differentiates us. We care and respect each other’s values and we work hard to achieve and celebrate our success together.

Our goal is not only to guide our students to be successful academically, but also to become civic minded citizens who will lead happy lives as adults.