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Phone: 519-886-6510

Teaching Qualifications

Bachelors of Social Development (University of Waterloo), Bachelors of Education (United States)

Favourite Teaching Quotation

“They may forget what you said, but they will not forget how you made them feel.” –Carl W. Buechner

Years at KWBS



“Umbrella Project” School Coordinator

Teaching Philosophy

There is nowhere I’d rather teach than here at the KW Bilingual School. I’ve been volunteering or working here since I was in high school. The atmosphere here is caring, inclusive, encouraging, and supportive. This school is my family. I can’t imagine teaching anywhere else!

Grade 3 Highlights (English)

English Language: We complete 3 class novel studies, including the heartwarming story of The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate.

Math: Students solve individualized multiplication and division questions to move their way through the different karate belt levels.

Science: We investigate the composition and characteristics of soil. Then, we make an edible treat to remember the different layers of soil.

Social Studies: We learn all about pioneer settlers who came to Upper Canada around 1800. We explore the roles and components of an early settlement. Our study of early settlements culminates with our field trip to West Heritage Village.

Art: We create works of art that depict warm and cool colours.

Gym: In the fall we begin by playing cooperative games and then we play basketball.