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Teaching Qualifications

Bachelor of Science (American University of Beirut), Masters in Science in Geology/Geochemistry (American University of Beirut), PhD in Geophysics (University of North Carolina)

Interesting Fact

Mme El Kibbi also taught elementary French in Beirut and held the position of Assistant Professor and conducted scientific research at the American University in Beirut.

Year Started at KWBS



First Lego League, Scientist in the School Coordinator, Let's Talk Science Coordinator, CEMC (U of W) Math Contests Coordinator, Technovation Mentor

French Foundations

Mme El Kibbi grew up speaking French in Lebanon.

Teaching Philosophy

In a time when scientific information is so abundant and accessible, it is becoming increasingly more important to teach our students how to learn. It is crucial to train the children to identify information relevant to the question they are researching, evaluate it, and make informed decisions based on their analysis and understanding. Moreover, because students work at different levels, teaching Math and Science should be tailored to be inclusive and engaging for all. Children need to feel challenged at their own level in order for their interest to be sparked. It is so rewarding to watch a student discover the use of a new math technique and exclaim, “Wow, this is so cool and it works!” Finally, teaching should be patient and passionate. Children will sense a teacher’s enthusiasm for the subject taught and will appreciate it even more. If, for instance, teaching can convey to the students just how elegant mathematics are and how useful they can be to understand the world around us, then, this is successful teaching!

Grade 7 and 8 Highlights

Grade 7 Math: In our “Wall Street Project”, we invest in the stock market by choosing a company in which to invest and then we track the fluctuation in our shares and make informed decisions.

Grade 8 Math: In our “Start-Up Project”, we create a start-up company, and investigate and compare the different types of loans provided by the bank (Simple interest, compound annually, compound semi-annually, compound monthly) to best fit the profitability of the company at various time intervals.

Grade 8 Science: Students investigate and demonstrate an understanding of the basic structure and function of plant and animal cells and cell processes. They prepare a variety of their own different slides of plant cells to examine under the microscope.