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Teaching Experience

Mme Fioret has been volunteering in French classrooms

Teaching Strengths

Mme Fioret has a great desire to pass on her language of birth to these Grade 1 children. She also has a lot of energy to keep them active during gym/recess.

Year Started at KWBS


French Foundations

She grew up in the South of France!

Reflections on KWBS

Being part of the KWBS teaching team is a great satisfaction for me. The level of French here is excellent and the teachers coming from diverse backgrounds give a broad view of the French-speaking world!

Reflections on Being a Teaching Assistant

I am impressed daily by the ability of Grade 1 students to understand and manipulate a language other than their own. These young children are enthusiastic and energetic in developing their language skills. I am rewarded by the progress they make every day!