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Teaching Qualifications

Bachelor of Arts, French major (University of Ottawa); Bachelor of Education (University of Ottawa)

French Foundations

With family origins in Northern Ontario, Mme Taylor grew up speaking French at home.

Years Started at KWBS


Interesting Fact

Mme Taylor has also worked for the French Catholic School Board in the Toronto area.

Teaching Strength

I genuinely LOVE speaking in French and I believe this is seen and felt by my students; modelling a love of the French language brings energy to my classroom everyday.

Reflections on KWBS

I have just recently started teaching at the K-W Bilingual School and I am thrilled with my decision to join this unique school. Teaching is my passion and doing so in a time with so much uncertainty is a choice. I chose the K-W Bilingual School for several reasons. The administrative team makes every effort to ensure its employees are safe and prepared for the year ahead. My teaching colleagues are welcoming, supportive and talented professionals. KWBS parents are devoted to their children’s academic progress, and KWBS students are eager to learn. KWBS feels like family already!

Grade 2 Highlights (French)

French Language: We are speaking French and combining several sentences together in French to write short stories and paragraphs. We are busy conjugating all of our –ER verbs.

Math: We reinforce our learning of money amounts our “The Great Money Trade” activity, where every student is given the same amount of “money” in a single denomination, and must trade to have the greatest variety of denominations of the same value.

Science: We investigate, identify, and describe major physical characteristics of different types of animals, such as insects, mammals, and reptiles. We create a small project on our favourite animal.

Social Studies: We explore ways in which Canadian heritage and traditions are passed down, including the history and production of Maple Syrup. We enjoy this tasty treat on waffles

Art: We learn about several famous artists and create work inspired by them. After studying Picasso, we use cubism to draw abstract self-portraits. 

Gym: There’s no better way to work on gross-motor skills than our “Balloon Olympic Games”.