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Phone: 519-886-6510

Teaching Qualifications

Educational Assistant (Conestoga College)

Descriptive Adjectives:

The words that best describe me in the classroom are caring, patient, creative, and energetic. I am someone who truly loves my job!

Year Started at KWBS



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French Background

Mme Chouinard grew up speaking French in Montreal.

Teaching Philosophy

My goal is to instill in my students a love of French. If the students in my classroom have fun and enjoy themselves while learning, this strong foundation of positivity is there for life.

C Class Highlights (French)

Language: We have an individual reading program based on each child’s level and learning needs. We learn so much French vocabulary each month as we sing, craft, and explore different monthly themes like School, Family, and City.

Math: We count by 2s, 5s, 10s and 20s to 100, and present our “100s Project” on the 100th Day of School!

Theme: We learn all about the different seasons on the year, and walk to our nearby pond to look for signs of the seasons changing. We use French vocabulary to learn about the food we eat, and together we make soup and crêpes.