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Phone: 519-886-6510

Teaching Qualifications

Bachelor of Arts (Romania)

Interesting Facts

Mme Cristea speaks 4 languages: English, French, Romanian and Spanish, and she plays the guitar. She taught French as a second language in Romania.

Year Started at KWBS



Pottery Club

French Foundations

Madame Cristea grew up in Romania learning French.

Teaching Philosophy

I like making French classes entertaining and fun. For young children, learning through art contributes to the development of academic skills, now and in the future. I want my students to enjoy drama, music, and art, which will develop their thinking skills as they experience positive emotional responses to French learning. I strongly believe that learning and joy should be synonymous.


Grade 7 History: We explore the causes, incidents, and results of – the Seven Years’ War- The conquest- the significance of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham and the signing of the Treaty of Paris for New France and its inhabitants… and their impacts on Canadians.

Grade 7 Geography: We examine consequences related to the effects of using natural resources from a geographic perspective. We will also identify the impact of natural phenomena on the human activities.

Grade 8 History: We investigate the internal and external forces that led to Confederation, the political progression of the Canadian territory from 1867 to 1912- the geopolitical conditions that led to the First World War and the impact on Canadians.

Grade 8 Geography: We analyze and compare the main patterns of human settlement and identify the factors that influence population distribution and natural resources. Then, we plan and design our ideal community!