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Teaching Qualifications

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (Lebanon), Bachelor of Education (Canada)

Interesting Facts

Mme Chaaban has 12 years international teaching experience in elementary and secondary. She also works as a “STEM” research assistant with Zayed University in United Arab Emirates.

Year Started at KWBS



First Lego League, French Contest, Francophonie Day

French Foundations

Mme Chaaban grew up speaking French in Lebanon.

Teaching Philosophy

As a French teacher, I invest in a relationship with my students taking into consideration their emotional well-being, which has a big influence on their achievement. I choose the activities based on the students’ interests and aptitudes, which help students engage more in their learning. I encourage students regularly and praise their success.

Grade 4 Highlights (French)

French Language: We complete two class novel studies in French, and later in the year create a book report on a French novel of our choosing.

Math: We solve increasing complex algebraic equations.

Science: We examine how plants and animals adapt to meet their needs from their particular habitats. Then, we create, draw, and explain an imaginary animal with different structural and behavioural adaptations. All of our creations are printed into a keepsake book.

Social Studies: We practise our cardinal and intermediate directions using a windrose as we travel and locate points across a grid.

Art: We create a masterpiece called “Une ville la nuit” (A city at Night) using pastels and black construction paper.