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Phone: 519-886-6510

Teaching Qualifications

Honours Bachelor of Arts (DePauw University, USA), Bachelor of Education (Queen’s University), Principal Qualifications (in Progress)

Year Started at KWBS


Interesting Fact

Ms. W. has 25 years teaching experience. She is a proud graduate of our school.

Teaching Philosophy

Creating and sustaining a dynamic school climate is essential.  It is what motivates students and engages them in their own learning.  It’s what makes parents feel involved in their child’s academic development, and it’s what inspires teachers to higher levels of creativity in the classroom, heartening them to invest in the school even more than they already do!  Fostering a positive school climate influences every aspect of our students’ learning.  I am proud that the KW Bilingual School offers an exceptional and enriching experience for all its students.  Our commitment to bilingual excellence within an inclusive, caring, and engaging environment is what makes us truly unique.  It’s what inspires me, personally, and drives my enthusiasm.  And it’s this enthusiasm and passion for our school that I strive to carry and communicate in my daily interactions with students, staff, and families.