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Phone: 519-886-6510

Teaching Qualifications

Bachelor of Finance/Accounting (Senegal), Masters Degree in Political Science (Germany), Bachelor of Education (Canada)

French Foundations

M. Afovia grew up speaking French in West Africa.

Year Started at KWBS



Co-ed Soccer Team, Intramurals

Teaching Philosophy

It is undeniable that teaching and learning are related. Teachers are mentors that guide students to high levels of achievement. As a French teacher, I believe that my duty is to transfer the love of learning to the students and to guide them to become confident, independent learners.

Grade 3 Highlights (French)

French Language: Each different season, we write a French story about the season and illustrate it. Our work is compiled at the end of the year as a seasonal keepsake.

Math: We develop our ability to problem-solve in all five strands by using real life scenarios to solve math problems in French.

Science: We demonstrate an understanding of the concepts of structure, strength, and stability and the factors that affect them when we create our own stable structures.

Social Studies: We examine urban and rural communities in Ontario. We create maps with a title, scale, symbols, legends, and cardinal directions. We are able to use maps to locate features, like schools and hospitals.

Art: We learn about the basics of shading, blending, and mixing watercolour to paint landscapes.