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Teaching Qualifications

Profession of Teaching (Athabasca University). Diplôme d'Études Professionnelles du Collège Lasalle.

French Fact

Mme Hirani is a native French speaker who has spent 25 years in French speaking regions, such as Madagascar, Paris and Montreal.

Year Started at KWBS



Terry Fox Run, French Games Club

Teaching Philosophy

I truly believe in what our school has to offer, having seen what it has given both of my children. The calibre of French and English teachers here is outstanding, and teaching at the K-W Bilingual School has given me the opportunity to work amongst remarkable professionals from around the globe. I love the fact that we are a family at this school. We support each other, staff and parents, and communication is constant. Throughout the years, I have felt at home here because of this.

Grade 1 Highlights (French)

French Language: We are speaking French and writing French in complete sentences. Together we read aloud and discuss French picture books daily and we answer comprehension questions on our own.

Math: We use different units of measurement (like cm and m) and measure and compare all kinds of things around the school from the height of our desks to the width of our classroom.

Science: We investigate the design and materials of certain objects, and then we examine structures in class like bird nests, wood cabins, stone pyramids, and steel buildings. We culminate with our “3 Little Pigs” celebration.

Social Studies: We create an “All About Me” page to show our roles and responsibilities in our home, school and community so we can better understand the basics of citizenship.

 Art: We love drawing, comparing, and sharing our September and June self-portraits.