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Phone: 519-886-6510

Teaching Qualifications

Bachelor of Science (University of Waterloo), Bachelor of Education (Victoria University, New Zealand)

Interesting Facts

Ms. Weber taught E.S.L. to children in Taiwan for 5 years. Ms. Weber is a former graduate of KWBS and is fluent in French!

Year Started at KWBS



English Spelling Competitions Coordinator

Teaching Philosophy

The role of the teacher is to guide students, inspire them to know more, and to be proud of all they achieve. Teachers have the added responsibility of modeling and encouraging behaviours that will help students grow and develop into kind, respectful, hard-working individuals who are confident and happy.

Grade 5 Highlights (English)

English Language:  We complete 3 novel studies, including I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai. We interview our classmates and write their biographies.

Math: We construct triangles given angle and side measurements.

Science: We demonstrate an understanding of the various forms and sources of energy, and the ways energy can be transformed and conserved. Then, we design energy efficient homes. We also take a field trip to the Ontario Science Centre.

Social Studies: We examine Canadian Citizenship and the Canadian Government. We even write a letter to the Prime Minister.

Art: We examine the elements of a Graphic Novel and create our own. We also complete “The Grade 5 Sketchbook Project” with weekly assignments applying various artistic elements.

Gym:  We introduce our students to yoga.