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Teaching Qualifications

Bachelor in Science (El Manar University, Tunis, Tunisia), Master of Science (Claude Bernard University, Lyon, France), PhD in Nanotechnologies (University of Sherbrooke, Quebec), Bachelor of Education (Ottawa University)

Interesting Fact

Mme Kanoun was also a postdoctoral researcher of nanotechnologies at University of Waterloo.

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French Foundations

Mme Kanoun grew up speaking French in Tunisia. Her undergraduate degree in university was in French.

French Reflections

"Enseigner une langue c'est proposer un voyage, l'apprendre c'est partir." Kalfon

Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher, it is essentiel for me to create a positive and welcoming classroom environment in which all students feel valued, confident and have the courage to take risks and make mistakes. It is important to show my students that I care about them, and share with them my love of learning because I believe that this can deeply influence their perception and love of learning. My goal is to reach each of my student, to support all my students depending on their needs and to guide them to reach their full potentiel.

Grade 6 Highlights (French)

French Language: We study two novels in class, La nouvelle maitresse of the quebecer novelist Dominique Demers and the most famous work of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Le petit prince.

Math:  We always maintain positive motivation and perseverance. We think critically and creatively to solve problems involving numbers, variables, operations, measurements, spatial sense; and we do connections with the real life situations.
Science: We explore ways in which properties of air can be applied to the principles of flight and flying devices, and we build planes out of recycled materials while respecting the properties of flight.
Social Studies: We encourage critical thinking in discussions about the contributions made by various groups and communities to Canadian identities.
Art: We explore the elements of design and different techniques to incorporate them later in a year-long cumulating activity.