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Phone: 519-886-6510

Teaching Qualifications

Concurrent Education (Wilfrid Laurier University)

Interesting Fact

Miss Zanko speaks 3 languages fluently - English, French, and Russian.

Years at KWBS



Girls’ Basketball, Winter Olympics

Teaching Philosophy

I feel the warmest sense of community and family at this school. With the knowledge of how important languages are, and how far they take you in life, I am genuinely thrilled knowing the greater opportunities that await our graduates in life by being bilingual, or even trilingual! This school places compassion and academics first.

Grade 4 Highlights (English)

English Language: We complete 3 class novel studies, including the classic adventure story Robin Hood written in old English.  Students also write and perform their own 3-5 minute speech on a topic of interest.

Math: We learn the attributes of all of our quadrilaterals in our “Quadrilateral Quiz” card game.

Science: Students demonstrate an understanding of the basic principles and functions of gear systems when we host our Gear Show ‘n Tell.

Social Studies: Students describe the characteristics of a medieval castle when they design and sell their own castle.

Art: Students create a shield and paper-mache helmet in preparation for our knighting ceremony and duel. Students also illustrate and book-bind their own super hero novels. 

Gym:  We play baseball in the spring.