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Teaching Qualifications

Early Childhood Education (Conestoga College)

Descriptive Adjectives:

First, I am passionate about teaching. Second, I am caring; I love children and I want them to feel loved when they come into my classroom and I want them to love learning. Additionally, I am patient, because not everyone learns at the same pace; and for those that need a little extra time, patience is the key.

Year Started at KWBS



PD Day Camp Coordinator, KidFit

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching is like gardening; we work hard, plant seeds, love and nurture growth.

B Class Highlights (English)

Language: We have fun developing our phonemic awareness through our “Letter of the Week”. We learn the letter, the sound, sing songs, go on “Letter Hunts”, and complete fun and educational activities that focus on the “World of Words”. We play fly swatter games with our sight words. We enjoy our thematic approach to learning, including themes like Fall Harvest and Canada.

Math: Each morning we start the day with a  “Question of the Day” and we incorporate manipulatives to represent our results. This activity helps students understand and use mathematical language such as: more than, less than, and equal. As well, this helps children recognize numbers and patterns.

Theme: One of our favourite themes is “Backyard Birds”. We enjoy making bird books, bird feeders and binoculars to investigate and discover about our feathered friends. We also explore nature when we learn about “Interesting Insects”. We love to investigate insect habitat, anatomy, life cycle and more.

Gym: We enjoy organized games that promote gross motor development. This winter we had an indoor “Great Snowball Toss”. We had fun in our indoor “Winter Wonderland”.