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  • Ready to fly! Welcome back to school everyone! Déployez vos ailes! #kwbilingualschool
  • What a talented staff! Talent Show 2019 ❤️
  • Thanks for a great school year, KWBS Families...and another “sweet” Ice Cream Social! 🍦
  • B Class had an amazing day at Bechtel Park. They  identified lots of insects and plants on their nature walk! Come into their classroom and check out their “Sprout Houses”! 🐛 🐜 🌱 🌞 💕
  • This year’s musical was AMAZING! Congratulations to our talented and dedicated students! A huge thank you to Mr. O, Mrs. S, and many more teachers and parents! 🎶
  • Our very own Madame El Kibbi won our region’s “Excellence in Teaching” Award presented by the University of Waterloo in recognition of her talents in Math and Science Instruction. We are sooooo proud to have this amazing teacher at KWBS! This is the first time this award has been given to an elementary school teacher. All other recipients have taught high school. KWBS was praised for ranking amongst the top high schools in terms of our math results. This has been in no small part due to our INCREDIBLE Madame El Kibbi! ❤️
  • “Electric Larry” taught us about how electricity is generated and about important safety information so we can all stay safe! 💡
  • Check out this brilliant Gold Medal Kiwanis performance..a Queen Mashup! C’est magnifique! 🥇
  • KWBS sent 15 students to the Waterloo Wellington Science & Engineering Fair, where our students were awarded 1 pewter, 4 bronze, 5 silver, and 5 gold medals! One student will be participating at the national level in Fredricton for her “Cold Current Event”! This project predicts a change in ocean current circulation and an initial unexpected cooling trend with rising temperatures! Félicitations 🏆