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  • Learn at Home/Apprendre à la maison starts tomorrow from B Class to Grade 8! See you there!
  • Outdoor Learning experience for Grade 5...mapping activities, building shelters, learning about body temperature and how we keep ourselves warm! ❤️ ❄️
  • Quelle belle journée de ski! Our Grade 7&8s conquered the slopes of Chicopee! ❄️ ⛷
  • Was it really 💯 days of school already? Time flies ✈️ 💨
  • Grade 3 Bake Sale raised over $1000 for Waterloo Humane Society! Félicitations 🐶 🐱
  • C Class Winter Fun Day - Animal Scavenger  Hunt! Quelle belle journée pour s’amuser dans la neige! ❄️ ⛄️ ❤️
  • Thursday, January 30 - 
Kindergarten to Grade 8 - 9 am until 11 am ... This is a chance for interested families and existing families in our school community to visit our classrooms in action ! Nous vous attendons avec impatience!
  • On the Ning, Nang, Nong, Walt Disney, Equity & Inclusion, and The Parliamentary Page Program...this year’s winning speech topics! KWBS kids are certainly Effective Speakers! 🏆 👏 💕
  • The Grade 4s went to the Food Bank for some enthusiastic learning about hunger in our community!