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Phone: 519-886-6510


Tour The School

To book a tour, please contact our School Secretary, Ms. Keesha Wttewaall. She’ll set an appointment with our Principal, Mme Mona Balea, or our Vice Principal, Mme Shelly Davitsky.


Interview with our Principal

Next is the interview process. Every prospective family has an interview with our Principal where you’ll be able to discuss your child’s education goals and ask any questions about our curriculum or school activities. You’ll then book a day for your child to visit a classroom. During this visit, your child can sit in both English and French lessons and get a feel for our unique school culture.


Enroll at K-W Bilingual School

After your interview, our school administration will let know of any supporting documentation that may be required for admission and whether your child has been accepted for enrollment.

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