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Academic Excellence

We surpass Ontario curriculum standards in both English and French. Based on 2017 CTBS* Test Scores – measuring student achievement in areas such as reading, language, mathematics, and science – 87% of our students performed above provincial grade level. We attain these results by providing:

1.  Small classes with teaching assistants in Kindergarten – Grade 2

A key differentiator for our school is the ability for our teachers to tailor instruction to different learning styles. With small class sizes, teachers interact 1-on-1 and use small group formats to build strong early literacy and numeracy skills.

2.  Traditional and innovative learning approaches

At all times, our students are placed at the centre of the learning process. They become active learners through modelling and encouragement of curiosity, critical thinking and problem solving. We offer a traditional approach in key areas such as grammar, phonics, cursive handwriting, writing composition and mathematics.

3.  Enrichment opportunities

Teachers provide enrichment opportunities for students who demonstrate a proficiency at a grade level, a keen interest, or an ability to go beyond grade level expectations. Students are also encouraged to participate in various contests or competitions offered at school or in the community.

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4.  A focus on communication skills

Our students learn to communicate purposefully, thoughtfully and to interact respectfully. These life skills are modelled by classroom teachers and are taught through formal forums, such as composition writing and public speaking.

5.  French resource teacher

For students who join our school in later grades (3-8), or who need extra support, a French Resource Teacher is available for one-on-one or small group support.

* Canadian Test of Basic Skills (CTBS)

The Bilingual Advantage

Speaking and understanding more than one language is an asset (and an increasing necessity), in today’s vastly diverse world. In fact, research suggests that bilingual children have noticeable cognitive, social, personal and economic advantages over those who speak just one language.

Why French at our School?

At KWBS, we offer an enriched bilingual curriculum that exceeds provincial standards.

  • Our students are exposed to classic French literature such as Le Petit Prince, La sorcière de la rue Mouffetard, Les vacances du petit Nicolas, and Les Trois Mousquetaires.
  • Our students develop a better understanding of language structures by drawing parallels between French and other languages that they speak.
  • Our teachers are from various French speaking countries around the world. We feel our students have an advantage learning from native French speakers. Not only does this increase our students’ abilities to learn correct pronunciation and hold authentic conversations in French, it also helps students develop a greater cultural awareness provided by our diverse staff.
  • Our student population participates in a variety of assemblies, activities and clubs offered in French.