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Phone: 519-886-6510

K-W Bilingual is a high-achieving, happy, vibrant and forward-thinking school where children excel both academically and socially.

Our students have a real thirst for learning and our staff are committed and dedicated in ensuring that each and every child reaches their potential. Our high standards are met by creating positive, enjoyable learning environments and tailoring learning experiences to the needs of individual students.


Dear Current and Prospective Families,

Welcome to our school website! It’s an open window into our school, offering you just a glimpse of the many activities that make our learning experience unique, challenging and engaging.

At The K-W Bilingual School, we have a strong belief that each child has special abilities and talents. Our mission is to help students discover their strengths and thrive in an environment where they feel safe and valued.

Our highly qualified staff provide a culturally diverse and nurturing atmosphere where students are motivated to strive for academic excellence in both French and English and feel supported in their aspirations.

Combining both modern and traditional approaches, our teaching focuses on excellent academic skills in each discipline, but also developing critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, communication and collaboration skills. This approach prepares our students to be competitive and successful in today’s very dynamic society.

Please feel welcome to visit and see our school in action, to meet teachers, speak with parents and learn more about our program. We are passionate about what we do and look forward to welcoming new families to our school community.

L’épanouissement académique et personnel de chaque élève est une priorité pour nous. À L’école bilingue, on est comme une famille où l’on respecte la diversité culturelle, l’on se soutient mutuellement, où l’on célèbre nos réussites et l’on devient solidaires au besoin, faisant preuve d’un haut esprit civique.
Nous promouvons le respect mutuel, l’empathie et la tolérance, l’intégrité et la confiance. Venez nous rendre visite et apprendre plus sur notre école et sur la réussite de nos élèves!

Mona Balea