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At The K-W Bilingual School, we inspire a love of lifelong learning and empower each student through a well-rounded experience. With academic pursuit as our cornerstone, we provide many opportunities for all students to excel – in the classroom, in their communities and beyond. Founded in 1966, we offer Kindergarten through Grade 8 bilingual education of the highest quality and are nationally recognized for our academic excellence. We tailor learning experiences to individual needs and value our parents as partners in nurturing the successful growth and development of our students. We believe that when communities, families and schools are united in support of each other, our students will flourish.

School Highlights

K to Grade 8 enriched bilingual curriculum

French teachers from Francophone countries

Teaching assistants in classes K to Grade 2

Phonics and math starting in Kindergarten

A balanced traditional and modern learning approach

Music program, enrichment opportunities, clubs and teams

Character development and social responsibility

Daily parent-teacher interaction

Our Academic Excellence

Our bilingual curriculum is built on a solid academic heritage, enhanced with innovative philosophical thinking and modern educational practices.

The Bilingual Advantage

Speaking and understanding more than one language is an asset (and an increasing necessity), in today's vastly diverse world.

Whole Child Development

We empower students as creative and engaged citizens, nurturing self-expression, understanding of others, and critical problem solving.

Full Day Kindergarten

A strong instructional foundation in early literacy skills and math skills, paired with the nurturing of curiosity, provides the basis for future academic success.

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A day to remind all that... this matters. Every day. Illustration by @augustillustrated and #nationaldayoftruthandreconciliation #orangeshirtday #everychildmatters #mmiwg2s

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It is important to remember that we honour both the children who were taken from us and the ones that are still here.

We should also acknowledge the current crisis of Indigenous children disproportionately taken by child welfare systems.

Wear orange. Stay educated. Donate. Uplift indigenous voices.

Keep the fire going for the children.

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Today is September 30th, the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation and one of many days that we talk about how Every Child Matters.

Today, we wear orange shirts to show our support for residential school survivors, to honour the thousands of Indigenous children that died at the hands of the 🇨🇦 government and the church, and to allow Indigenous people to tell their truths. It’s a day of complicated emotions - grief, anger, sadness - and we often feel them all at once.

I’m taking today to centre the stories and experiences of residential school survivors. Today is not a day to perform, to profit, to exploit or to centre self. It’s about residential school survivors and those who feel it’s legacy. It’s about telling our stories, sharing our truths and holding each other in community.


You are welcome to repost my image without permission, but do not edit or put filters on it. Repost with credit.

#BringThemHome #EveryChildMatters #OrangeShirtDay #TruthAndReconciliation 🧡

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🚧 Notre bibliothèque a subi une GRANDE transformation! Voyons les progrès.

Our library has been under a BIG transformation! Let’s check out the progress.
#KWBSLibrary 📚 #kwbs

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Our Rhythm & Movement studio is fully stocked and ready for everyone’s creativity and imagination!

#kwbs #kwbsrhythmandmovement 🎸🤸🏾 ⭐️

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Brand new Rompa in the Rhythm & Movement room.

Sensory play encourages learning through exploration, curiosity, problem solving and creativity. It helps to build nerve connections in the brain and encourages the development of language and motor skills.

#kwbs #kwbsrythmandmovement #kwbs2022 🌈 🎹 ☁️

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Wonderful school spirit and perseverance at the Terry Fox Run KWBS!

Donate anytime at link in bio or @terryfoxfoundation

#kwbs2022 #KWBS #kwbsschoolspirit #kwbsterryfoxrun #iamnotaquitter

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Our Terry Fox Run is this Friday September 23rd. Please bring a ‘Toonie for Terry’ on the day of the run and come prepared in comfortable clothing, proper footwear and a water bottle. 

Students and parents can also make a donation online anytime.

Link in bio.


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Mr.Shedler - keeping our school clean and safe!

#kwbs #kwbs2022 #mrrockandroll 🎸

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