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A community of inspired learners

At The K-W Bilingual School, we inspire a love of lifelong learning and empower each student through a well-rounded experience. With academic pursuit as our cornerstone, we provide many opportunities for all students to excel – in the classroom, in their communities and beyond. Founded in 1966, we offer Kindergarten through Grade 8 bilingual education of the highest quality and are nationally recognized for our academic excellence. We tailor learning experiences to individual needs and value our parents as partners in nurturing the successful growth and development of our students. We believe that when communities, families and schools are united in support of each other, our students will flourish.

School Highlights

K to Grade 8 enriched bilingual curriculum

French teachers from Francophone countries

Teaching assistants in classes K to Grade 2

Phonics and math starting in Kindergarten

A balanced traditional and modern learning approach

Music program, enrichment opportunities, clubs and teams

Character development and social responsibility

Daily parent-teacher interaction

Our Academic Excellence

Our bilingual curriculum is built on a solid academic heritage, enhanced with innovative philosophical thinking and modern educational practices.

The Bilingual Advantage

Speaking and understanding more than one language is an asset (and an increasing necessity), in today's vastly diverse world.

Whole Child Development

We empower students as creative and engaged citizens, nurturing self-expression, understanding of others, and critical problem solving.

Full Day Kindergarten

A strong instructional foundation in early literacy skills and math skills, paired with the nurturing of curiosity, provides the basis for future academic success.

See what's happening

in our school

The KWBS library is progressing well!

#kwbs2023 #kwbslibrary

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This week Mme Kanoun’s Grade 6 class enjoyed “l’Art inuit de Kenojual Ashevak”. This work is especially inspired from the famous “The enchanted owl. La chouette enchantée.”

🎨 🦉 🖼️

#kwbs #kwbsart #KenojualAshevak #kwbs2023

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And of course the Grade 8 class conquered fears reached great heights as well!

@grr_kit #kwbs #kwbs2023 #kwbsrockclimbing

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The Grade 7 class went on a rock climbing adventure @grr_kit with Mr. O.

Impressive skills 7s!

#kwbs #kwbsrockclimbing #kwbs2023 #kwbsadventure

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Library update! Ms. Sanger and the KWBS team are creating a magical space for our students!

#kwbs #books #kwbs2023 #kwbslibrary 📚 🌳 ☁️

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Ms. Sanger and the KWBS team are making huge progress in our new library space! 🌳 📚 ☁️

#kwbs #kwbslibrary

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DYK there is a museum in @conestogamall? It’s the @waterloomuseum and they have a super cool exhibit all about music on now until June.

Check it out! 🎶 🖼

@rockthistownteam #kwbs #kwbsmuseums #kwbslocal #kwbsmusic

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Today is #KidInventorsDay! Check out the link in our bio for a neat game by the Natural Sciences and Research Council of Canada!

#kwbs #kwbsscience #createandinnovate

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Happy Friday KWBS! Have a safe and happy weekend!

#kwbs #kwbstgif #kwbshappyfriday

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