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This school has been a blessing for our family. Thanks to all the hard working teachers and staff for making this school the best in town!

-Shad Lusted, Waterloo

Thanks so much to the wonderful staff. What a great School and that principal I tell ya what a character!

-Heather Scott, Waterloo

As a former graduate of the Kitchener-Waterloo Bilingual School, I feel privileged to have been able to return to such a wonderful environment. I have been teaching at the school for 7 years and have had the unique opportunity to teach in both French and English. My years as a student at KWBS not only taught me to be bilingual, but to have high expectations of myself. KWBS is unique in that it provides a strong community which fosters the growth and success of its students. Although the school has grown in size over the years, it has maintained it's core values of family and excellence. The Kitchener-Waterloo Bilingual School is truly a place like no other. Thank you, Merci. Anne Cako

-Anne Cako, Waterloo

So happy that our Kids are able to learn 2 languages! Thanks Teachers

-Sam Roberts, Kitchener

"Being bilingual has given me every advantage in life. It has opened up opportunities that I would never otherwise have such as living in West Africa to, now, being a law student in Montreal, at McGill University, completing my studies in both English and French. Doors are thrown wide open when you speak both official languages!"

-Sheel Chaudhuri, Montreal

My time at KWBS has gotten me to where I am today. To this day I am able to apply my fluency in French to my career, and it has given me an edge in the job market. I was also given the gift of confidence in front of crowds, as public speaking was a constant focus throughout my education. I owe a sincere debt of gratitude to both my family and my KWBS family for getting me to where I am today, and helping to shape my success.

-Neel Aggarwal, Waterloo