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The Victoria D'Agostino Award

This is an award in memory of our student Victoria D'Agostino whose caring nature, generosity and academic excellence will always be remembered.

The award consists of a book prize handed out to 6 students, one boy and one girl from each of Grades 3, 6 and 8. The recipients who are selected for the Prizes are children who are making our community a better place through their loving and generous spirit to others, sportsmanship and athletic accomplishment, academic excellence and good citizenship. The names of the recipients are engraved on a plaque which is displayed in our front hall.

The Leonidas Nibogora Award

This award is in the memory of Monsieur Nibogora, who was a grade 4 teacher at our school. His work ethics, his integrity, and his determination to help every student succeed made him an excellent teacher who was teaching students not only French, but skills that would help them become successful adults. This award for excellence in French and citizenship goes to a grade 4 student. The recipient's name is engraved on a plaque in the front hall.

The Marlene Klarke Music Award

This award is to recognize the life-long commitment of Marlene Klarke to the Kitchener-Waterloo Bilingual School. She helped found the Pre-Kindergarten class in the early 1980’s and developed and taught that programme until her retirement from teaching.

A gifted pianist, she continued to dedicate her time and talent to all our school functions. Whether it was concerts, operettas, graduation, Kiwanis Festival or any of our special events we could always count on Marlene to provide the musical accompaniment.

This monetary award is donated by her husband, Louis Klarke, in her memory and is presented to a student who possesses a deep love and devotion to music and whose exceptional musical ability is recognized during the school year.