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Grade 4 French Competition

Every year, during Francophonie week, Grade 4 students participate in a French competition.

We started this competition in the school year of 2007-2008. This competition is in six different subjects: Vocabulary, Dictation, Conjugation, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science.

Five or six students from Grade 4A compete against the same number of students from grade 4B. The students who compete are chosen after many preparatory competitions in class. The students with the highest scores are those who compete. The questions are taken from the Grade 4 curriculum. Students have to work together to divide the materials to be studied and find the best way to prepare for this competition. All students, teachers and parents are invited to the gym for this event. The students of the winning team are awarded at the end with a gold medal, and the students of the team that comes in second place are awarded with a silver medal.

Congratulations to all our participants!