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The annual operetta is a long-standing tradition at the KW Bilingual School. Every spring, the students in grades seven and eight are invited to participate in a musical production directed and produced by Mrs. Strong and a group of dedicated members of staff who pitch in with their time and talents to create a little theatre magic right here in our gymnasium.

The very first operetta performed,“ Pirates of Penzance” by Gilbert and Sullivan, took place over thirty years ago, and was presented in the Kindergarten classroom of the old school. This was also the first operetta presented in our brand new school in its inaugural year of 1999-2000. Our first operetta set the bar for the calibre of musical that we present every year. Some of our past hits have included Treasure Island, Romeo and Harriet, HMS Pinafore, The Wiz, Tom Sawyer, The Pied Piper of Hamlin, and Twinderella, just to name a few. 

Putting on a production of this order is a wonderful opportunity for the senior students to build their sense of family, and also to put into play many of the Learning Skills on which we focus throughout the year. This is a chance for the students to shine and, often, to discover and display new talents. In addition, we prepare, rehearse, critique, and present our performance as a team. When it is over, we all experience a sense of accomplishment as well as a real sense of loss.

When you see the signs advertising our yearly production, please put aside a little time to attend with your child to support a well-loved and respected tradition here at our school.