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School Science Fair

For two days in the spring, our school is transformed into a show-case for a multitude of interesting and thought-provoking science projects. These are created by students from all of our grades who wish to participate and present a science project.

This event is run by a committee of teachers, led by Mrs. MacLean, who invite the projects, encourage the completion of the work and monitor the fair itself. The projects are the students' work with parental support. This in an opportunity for students to examine a scientific idea that interests them and to become familiar with the steps of a scientific method. Students do the research, assemble the projects (often including a demonstration), and prepare a presentation.

These projects are completed at home and are displayed and presented in the gymnasium. Parents and other family members are welcome to visit the fair anytime throughout the hours of the fair.

We highly recommend that you visit the science fair to give students the chance to feel proud of their work.