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Our Staff

Our teachers have been the school’s greatest asset since it was started in 1966. Our school was started by a small group of parents who wanted bilingual education for their children as well as a friendly family atmosphere. Today our teaching staff continue that blend of high academic standards and a close-knit sense of community. Several of our graduates became teachers and now have returned “home” to our school to pass on the experience that they themselves cherished so much. 

French and English teachers work together to ensure the best possible educational experience for the children. For example, mathematical concepts are introduced in English and reinforced in French, and teachers plan their detailed lessons collaboratively.

The student is at the centre of everything our teachers do. The student’s personal needs are taken into account when the individual programs are designed. Our class size allows every teacher to develop a detailed understanding of each student’s strengths and needs. There is a French and an English assistant in each classroom up to Grade 2 included, so some students have four adults focusing on their well-being and academic progress.

All of our French teachers come from francophone countries or countries where French is an official language. French is more than a school subject to them, it is a language and culture in which they have been immersed for most of their lives. Our teachers come from a rich variety of backgrounds including Quebec, Northern Ontario, France, Lebanon, Togo, Madagascar, Djibouti and Romania.

Our English speaking teachers are more likely to be Canadian born. They have a deep understanding of and connection with the community and its history.

All of our staff, whether French or English, are an integral part of our school community.


Every person who comes in contact with our children, whether professional or volunteer, has a clear background record from the Waterloo Region Police.