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Code of Conduct

Specific behaviour expectations for

The Kitchener-Waterloo Bilingual School students 

A. Students should enter, exit and move through the halls and classrooms in a controlled manner. Students must walk, not run, and be calm and quiet throughout the school.

B. Students must respect and obey staff, parents and volunteers. Good manners are essential at all times.

C. Respectful, courteous behaviour is expected at all times. Teasing, bullying, threatening, swearing, exclusion, racial slurs, retaliatory behaviour, physical attack of any type, intimidation or outbursts are considered unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

D. Outside play:

-  No children may throw stones or snowballs;

-  No rough play or games including deliberate body contact;

-  No kicking;

-  No tackle football or other tackle games;

-  No one may use any object or any other means to threaten, intimidate or cause injury to any person.

E. Students are expected to stay within the school property boundaries; they are not allowed to leave school during lunch time or at any time. Some areas may be out of bounds for safety reasons. 

F. The full time students are expected to attend school every day and participate in every class. They are expected to arrive on time for the beginning of the class. Legitimate absences and late arrivals should be accompanied by written explanation. The teacher should be advised in advance in writing of any planned absences.

G. Written notice should be given to the teacher and principal by the parent when there is to be a change in the student’s routine (going out for lunch with family, going home with someone other than normal, new babysitter, etc.)

H. No hats are to be worn inside the classroom.

I. No gum is allowed at school.

J. Verbal permission from the teacher or the office is required to use the phone.

K. All children will eat lunch in their assigned classrooms and follow the lunch hour rules.

L. Our school is a peanut free zone.

M. No cell phones are permitted during school hours. They should be left in the lockers until 3.30.

N. No photographs or videos may be taken on school property without permission from the Principal or Vice Principal.