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Field Trips

To support the understanding of various curriculum topics, the teachers organize and facilitate appropriate out of school excursions.

In the Primary grades, trips to Herrle's farm, the butterfly museum and the pond are popular.

The Grade two class has often attended the local Groundwater Festival where students learn to appreciate our natural resource. 

Students in Grade four are always looking forward to their trip to the Medieval Times. This trip usually takes place in late May or early June and is a celebration of the completion of their study of the thrilling medieval era. Students and parents alike enjoy the feasting and jousting.

To support the grade six study of flight, the students have visited the Waterloo-Wellington Flight Centre where they go to experience a pilot's function in a mini airplane where they see the controls and understand better how the plane works. A specialist answers their questions about flight forces and flying planes.

In the past, we've taken advantage of the special programs offered by the Perimeter Institute to widen our children's horizons, and encourage their interest in sciences and math.

In the senior grades, the students travel to Quebec and Ottawa. In Ottawa, we visit the Art Museum, the War Museum, The Parliament Buildings, The Laurier House and the Home of the Governor General, among other things. This is an educational trip that supports their studies in histoire et géographie and offers students an opportunity to appreciate a bilingual city. In Quebec, we visit the Plaines of Abraham, Montmorency Falls and the Old Quebec. This is an excellent experience in a French milieu, that supports the history program. The students enjoy the culture, the art and the beauty of the language in a French environment.