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Each year our students both attend and perform in a number of concerts. 

Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to enjoy a surprising variety of concerts and musical presentations given by accomplished and widely recognized musicians. Dr. Jan Narveson, a former parent and keen patron of musical performance in our community, has arranged mini-concerts at our school to be given by many groups and ensembles who happen to be touring in this area. In the autumn of 2012 alone, we've see two such groups. The musicians have been pleased to perform for a children's audience and make a real effort to play material to which the children can relate. It is a unique learning experience when the performers introduce their instruments, explain techniques, and share their experiences as musicians.

Our proximity to the K-W Symphony has also afforded us many opportunities of which we have taken advantage whenever possible. These opportunities offer experiences in music understanding and appreciation to our students of all ages.  


The Kindergarten classes of the K-W Bilingual School put on a concert each year for the entertainment and listening pleasure of the Kindergarten parents and of all our school's students. Our concerts include songs performed by all of the kindergarten classes together, and those sung by each class on their own. We sing French, English and bilingual songs and even play some instruments.  

Grade School

Each year the students from grades 1 to 8 enjoy the preparation of a holiday concert in December. The entire student body is included in the songs, dances, skits, choral speaking and musical numbers. We try to open or close the concert with something that everyone can sing together, and generally each grade level presents two short numbers, one in English and one in French.

The Kiwanis festival also presents an opportunity for our students to perform. Over the years, our prize-winning choirs have entertained parents and community members alike, and we often present a spring concert to showcase our singers.