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This activity is offered at the school for a fee by Mr. Andrew Peredun.

Mr. Peredun has been offering the chess program during the lunch hour at our school for almost ten years. Mr. Peredun has a long experience in playing and competing at different levels and also in coaching students for different competitions. In 2011 he coached the Canadian team that participated in The World Youth Chess Championship in Brazil. He is also a member (Master) of the International Federation of Chess. The chess program at our school runs for 24 weeks, beginning in October and ending in May. Registration is done through the school office in late September of each year.

Grade 1 / beginners class is usually on Tuesday. Students start from the very beginning (how the pieces move, check, and checkmate) and progress to learning the more advanced rules, such as stalemate and en passant. Opening secrets, checkmate patterns and value of the pieces are also topics covered.

Grade 2 / 3 is usually on Wednesday. Students begin to learn tactics (fork, pin, skewer, discovered attack & check, double check) - patterns that repeat in games and allow you to win material or checkmate the opponent, as well as additional practise with setting up checkmate and an introduction to the endgame and how it is different from the other parts of the game.

Grade 3 / 4+ is usually on Thursday. Students learn advanced tactics building on material learned the previous year (remove the guard, clearance, deflection, zugzwang, etc) as well as the concept of pawn structure and how it influences the game.

Each year there is a chess tournament held at the regional, provincial and national level called the "Canadian Chess Challenge". In 2011, several KWBS students took part and did quite well placing near the top of their section at the regionals. Students compete against others in their grade to progress to the next stage of the tournament. The Ontario champions form a team of students from grade 1-12 and compete against the other provincial teams at the nationals.

For more information about the tournament, please visit:

Contact information:

KW Kids Chess Academy

93 Courtland Ave. E.

Kitchener, ON