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All manner of reporting is to foster communication between parents, teachers and students. The children feel the support and encouragement demonstrated by concerned, interested parents who maintain an ongoing communication with the teachers throughout the year.

At the primary, junior and intermediate levels, there are three formal reporting sessions per year at the end of each term. Close on the heels of the report card come the parent and teacher conferences, during which time the report card can be examined, and next steps are discussed and planned.

The kindergarten report card combines a checklist of both the social and academic skills with a comment area. From grades 1 to 6 skill and content areas are assessed according to a letter standard and accompany a more detailed comment section from each of the language teachers.

In the middle school grades, the students’ results are given in percentages followed by comments from each subject teacher. In addition to this, the grade 7&8 students receive a mid-term report in both the first and second term that emphasizes successful work and alerts students to any problem areas.

There is an open door policy at our school, and there are many opportunities throughout the year to meet informally and have a quick discussion about any concerns held by either parents or teachers. It is important for all of us that the entire team is up to date with each student’s progress.