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Second Step Program

The Second Step Curriculum is a program for primary, junior and intermediate students. This program, together with other initiatives that our teachers  have put in place, help us to create a school wide culture characterized by care, respect, clarity, consistency, connection, creativity, competence and celebration. We create a healthy learning environment for our students and we provide opportunities for our school community to demonstrate our core values: care, honesty, compassion, responsibility and respect for others. The Kindergarten to grade 3 program is particularly designed to reduce impulsive and aggressive behaviour in children and to increase their levels of social competence. This curriculum is based on the approach of developing such specific skills as: empathy, anger management and impulse control. Each lesson is based on a story and visualized by a picture. The students look at the picture while listening to the story told by the teacher. The teacher explains the social skill targeted in the story and models the skill in a role-play. The students role-play the skills and receive feedback from the class and reinforcement from the teachers. They are learning a five-step approach used to solve a problem, and are encouraged to always use it. This curriculum provides us with many character building activities.