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Literacy and Numeracy

From the time children begin in A class, teachers set the groundwork to ensure a strong base in literacy and numeracy. Our preschool programmes (A-C classes) are formative years for language learning.


Children begin learning the alphabet and sounds in A class and from there, we teach an understanding of phonics and high frequency word recognition, including many aspects of whole language learning. In this way we can ensure that all children are given many opportunities to learn to read in a mode that is most appropriate to their own learning styles. Children are always given enrichment at all age levels to reflect their advanced abilities. We stress the importance of phonics to ensure that all children are given the "key" to understanding how to decode words. We also stress the importance of comprehension in everything they read. We use many different resources to cover all aspects of literacy including phonics workbooks, grammar lessons and many different series of levelled readers to give practice, which is so important in the literacy process. In French, much emphasis is put on learning vocabulary through songs and rhymes, stories and play. We believe that you never know what a child is capable of unless he\she is given the opportunity to try. We use a combination of reading strategies to teach reading in both languages. By C class, most children know their alphabet and their sounds in French and are ready to learn how to construct syllables and to recognize them within words. A lot of practice goes into decoding words and understanding what is being read.

It is here that children are taught the alphabet and its sounds, tapping into all learning styles, with a greater emphasis on visual and kinaesthetic learning.

By Senior Kindergarten (C class), most children have acquired a significant level of vocabulary and a good enough comprehension to begin to express their ideas orally. Learning to speak French and to read are two skills, which are acquired in varying degrees at varying times. Our priority is always to ensure that the child feels successful in his/her endeavours. Through individualized programming, we endeavour to accommodate children’s abilities, whether it is remedial or enrichment.


Children begin learning number and one to one correspondence in A class. From there, they are introduced to numerals and symbols. We stress both the importance of concepts and computation at all age levels. We also ensure enrichment in all areas and young children are introduced to the concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.