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We strive to offer a program tailored to meet the needs of our talented and inquisitive students. We want to offer our students an opportunity to stand out and to build confidence in their capabilities to excel in any competitive situation.

We want our students to experience fine literature and we offer them reading and language materials that help them to develop their understanding and creativity, while at the same time building the values that we cherish. We provide enrichment by offering our students different levels of reading and responding to literature, as well as encouraging thinking and creative writing skills.

In math and science, students who work at an advanced level are provided with enrichment in order to strengthen their skills and to feed their need for a challenge.  

In French, most of our students exceed the expectations of the French immersion curriculum. We encourage all of our students to work hard towards becoming functionally bilingual. At the same time, we want them to see the language as a window open to different cultures and learning experiences.