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Our School Family

Our enrolment over the last decade has fluctuated between 150 and 390 children. The result is that after a few months in the school, a child knows many of the staff and the other children. The school thus becomes, for the child and for the parents, not an impersonal, bureaucratic institution, but an ongoing human community where one is recognized by name and respected as a unique human being. Older students develop relationships with younger ones throughout the year in many different ways. For example, grade 7 & 8 students often take turns helping the staff in lower grades get the students ready for recess. Older students often read together with younger ones in our Reading Buddies program. Both activities help our students learn to respect each other, to be patient, tolerant and reliable. This is part of our character education program.

Different activities like the house events, the holiday lunch, hot lunches, reading buddies, field trips, parent volunteers involvement, lunch recess activities, graduation speeches, the family barbeque, Random Act of Kindness Day, Say “Hi” Day, the talent show, and our character education and empathy training program help us to develop the sense that we are all part of our school community. We enjoy our various programs and activities; we celebrate together our successes and at the same time show care and compassion for those who go through a difficult time, whether they are members of our school community or not.

Our students’ good gestures multiply and grow every day. Our core values of respect, care and compassion, integrity, inclusiveness, responsibility, hard work and perseverance are like the sap feeding a tree.  We see the image of a healthy, young tree as a metaphor for these values.