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Character Education

Our students need role models who embody our core values: being a good citizen, showing compassion and care, being fair and trustworthy, showing integrity, being perseverant and responsible, having self-discipline, etc. These values are taught at different levels through age-appropriate activities. We create a school-wide culture characterized by care, respect, clarity, consistency and competence. Our students participate in a variety of events to help local and national charities. We value our students’ diversity, their originality and creativity.

At the same time, we combine academic success with personal integrity and a sense of community at our school. The achievement of one student is seen as an achievement for the whole school. Our students connect with other students across different grades through different activities: regular “house” activities, reading buddies, help in Kindergarten, peer tutoring, etc., and so they get to know one another. We use the Second Step empathy training and character education program with many associated activities. Each month we have a theme and students from different grades sign up to do a presentation in the gymnasium for the whole school. Teachers modelled the first presentation. We encourage positive behaviour and good deeds and we have "The Tree of Good Gestures" upstairs  in the main hallway. Each time a student is recognized for a good deed, her/his name is written on a green leaf that is hung on the tree. In this way, we create a visual connection of good deeds from the classroom to our whole school community. Our goal is to create a school environment where we care about each other and where everybody feels safe, respected and valued.